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Auction Day

The Auction starts at 10 am. Gates are open at 9 am.

All buyers must use this time to register.
All registered bidders may use this time to preview the inventory for the upcoming auction.

Keys will be available until 10 minutes prior to the start of the Auction.

The Auctioneer will make opening announcements, the announcements will include the rules of the auction and a short summary of the process. 
The auction starts with vehicles # 1 and will continue in numerical order, unless otherwise stated by the auctioneer.
The auction will continue until the last vehicle is sold.
There will be a J & M staff member holding a flag to alert buyers as to which vehicle is currently being sold.
The auctioneer will announce the vehicle number and the mechanical issues that are associated with each vehicle before he opens the bidding.
 After the bidding has concluded on each vehicle the buyer will be required to sign a sales invoice, at this time the buyer is obligated to the vehicle and payment is expected.
Make sure that you are bidding on the vehicle that you want, the auction will not be stopped for any reason.

After the buyer receives the sales invoice from J & M staff they may return to the building and pay for their purchase or may wait to make another purchase. 

Buyers must have all purchases paid in full by the end of Auction day at 3 pm!
Any buyer that does not pay for their purchase will be notified that they are no longer able to purchase from J & M Auction in the future. 
This does include any buyers that were bidding on the wrong vehicle, if you are unsure of which vehicle is being sold please ask a member of the J & M staff.
J & M does reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

J & M Public Auto Auction Terms of Service.


There are fee's associated with every purchase made at J & M.
The buyer's fee along with a $40 paper work processing fee will be added to the final sales price of each purchase.
All applicable taxes will be collected at the time of purchase.

Auction Buy Fee's
End Bid Fee Example:
$301 - $500 $100 Final Sales Price: $1050.00
$501 - $1000 $125 Buyer Fee: $150.00
$1001 - $1500 $150 Dealer Handling: $40.00
$1501 - $2000 $175 State Tax: $31.61
$2001 - $2500 $200 RTD Tax: $11.99
$2501 - $3000 $225 Adams City Tax: $7.87
*An additional paperwork fee is attached to all buy fee's
*Fee's are subject to change at any time without prior notice
$25 each $500 thereafter TOTAL: $1298.90
Motorcycles & Trailer
End Bid Fee
$0 - $100 $25
$501 - $1000 $125
$101 - $200 $50
$201 - $300 $75
*An additional paperwork fee is attached to all buy fee's
*Fee's are subject to change at any time without prior notice

Colorado state tax @ 2.9%  
RTD tax @ 1.1%
Adams County tax if the buyer resides in Adams County @ .75%

Any purchase must be payed for DAY OF SALE!!

All fee's are subject to change without prior notice.

*Dealer Handling referred to above as paperwork processing fee.


Preview days are always the Friday before the Auction.

Preview begins at 11am and continues until 4pm.

Any vehicle that is up for auction will be available for preview.
A list will be provided to use as a guide for which items will be available for auction the following day.
Keys to any vehicles are available for customers to start the cars and hear the motors. 
The vehicle may be moved back and forth in its place to check the transmission.
J & M does not allow test drives, however there will be announcements as to the working condition of each vehicle.
The announcements are displayed on the windshield and are also stated by the auctioneer before the sale of each vehicle.
The staff at J & M will make any mechanical issues regarding the vehicle known to our buyers.
 Please keep in mind that J & M does not own the vehicles and has limited knowledge of each vehicle.
We encourage each buyer to take advantage of preview day. 
All purchases are sold AS-IS!
 Preview day is a great way to avoid making a regrettable purchase.
It is our goal to make the auction process an affordable alternative to the car buying process.

The Registration Process

All auctions are live auctions, you must register to bid in the auction.
Registration is free, no deposit is required. 

Below is a list of requirements for registration at J & M:

  1. ALL bidders must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration.
  2. Photo ID is required to register.
  3. Only one bidder per bidder number is allowed.
  4. All purchases must be paid for day of sale.
  5. Any purchases not paid for will result in the registered bidder NOT being allowed to make any future purchases at J & M.
  6. J & M Auction is an AS-IS sale, all purchases are sold this way no refunds, discounts or returns will be honored.
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